Greetings! It’s been a few days since my last post… but we have been busy baking and I’ve managed to finish some sewing projects too! So far things are moving along well as we prepare for the holidays. I’ve not yet wrapped a gift for underneath the tree – well knowing that my 2 year old would gladly unwrap them all as soon as he saw them! So, all of that may have to wait until the 24th when they are fast asleep!Just wanted to post some of the latest creations and concoctions. I’ve managed to finish 3 more re-useable grocery totes for family and also made this cute little ditty of a Chinese take out box all in fabric! I’m pretty excited about it – almost giddy. We had Chinese take out recently and it inspired me to make a pattern from the little box that held our rice. I love it! I am going to make many more. I need to put my pattern making skills to use more often.The kids and I decorated our Christmas cutout cookies last week and then yesterday we made Russian teacakes and also some Orange-Almond Biscotti! I love to bake and my 6 year old is really starting to get into it as she gets older. I am constantly reminding myself to be patient, patient, patient when we bake together. I love having that one on one time with her.