So, this will probably be my last post until after the holidays, but I just wanted to share my two new creations : Chinese Take-outs for my daughter’s teachers.  They turned out very cute.  We had packaged up a few of our homemade cookies inside.  Unfortunately, she was sick on the last day before winter break, so she wasn’t able to deliver the gifts.   They will be a nice January surprise! 

Also, my dear son has been battling a little cold and this is the scene I found today after I cleaned up the lunch table.  Bless his heart, he was on a mission to get his own tissue to blow his nose.  I guess it was too irresistible to not keep pulling the tissue out – ‘they just keep coming’ (i could almost hear his little mind thinking out loud)!  I just had to laugh – you pick your battles.
Have a fantastic holiday season!