This past weekend was a nice long one for all of us as there was no school on Monday.  But boy, it always hits me how much better we all do with some type of schedule.  Everyone seems a little more relaxed when they know what’s coming next – or at least a general idea of events for the day.  Long weekends with a 6 & 2.5 year old always have their challenges, but I’m trying to enjoy it because I know someday they will be leaving home and I will be dumbfounded as to how the time has slipped through my fingers.  I get misty just thinking about it.   Just recently my son, Bjorn, finally started saying his version of his sister’s name!  We were all very excited because the name ‘Svea’ is not easy for kids to say.   “Say-uh, i yuv you,  bye-bye Say-uh” or the assertive “Say-uh, stop!”   

Onto the crafty side of life… i have been busy!  I have a tiny little Chinese take-out box inventory going.  I’m working on making labels for them and then hoping to sell them soon!


I’ve also just finished a cute little backpack for my daughter- original design using bits and pieces of a felted sweater.  There are  many imperfections in my sewing techniques, but I don’t dare show those.  I have a tendency of jumping right into a project, not always thinking of the correct order of operations.  I wind up ripping out seams to insert the straps, etc…  oh well. 


A few shots of some thrift store fabric finds.  Bjorn is having fun being a ghost with the floral one!