Well, this is quite an experience to have my own Etsy shop!  So many more things to think about that don’t quite sink in until you’re fully into it (taxes, shipping etc…)  It’s taking a lot more time than I expected, but I love it.  Now, if I could just sell something!?!  Here’s the newest addition to the shop  aquastarburstvelvet1.jpgCheck it out!  Luna FelizAlso, I’ve just joined up with the Esty Minnesota street team where we can bounce ideas off each other and get advice -it’s been great!Check out our blog:  Etsy MN Street team where you can find Minnesota artisans that sell their handmade goods on Etsy.  Other than that it’s been a week of hibernating – WAYYYYY too cold outside to play with the kids.  Negative 8 degrees with a 40 below wind chill – holy cow!  We’ve been sick too – all four of us at the same time.  Usually it’s the domino effect, but WHAMMO it hit all of us. later