it’s been awhile… hey, i’ve been crafting!  So anyway… started on Etsy on Jan. 23rd and not one sale yet.  Maybe I need to work on my “tags”  or the keywords you can put in every time you list a new item.    Here are a few pictures of my products.. I would love ANY comments on tag words that you think would be appropriate.  Because i’m thinking maybe I’m just not reaching the correct target market with my product… hmmm..  let’s discuss….  What words come to mind when you see this lovely  take-out box below?  Or, what words would you use if you were doing a search to find it online?    take your time…  green_polka3.jpgHere are more examples of my work.  I am serious when i say I need comments – okay, later!  denimmemoirs3.jpgaquastarburstvelvet1.jpg