I say that because I named my Etsy shop “Luna Feliz” meaning “Happy Moon” in spanish.  If you could see me now, I am doing a happy dance – for I’ve just sold my very first Chinese take-out box from my Etsy shop!  This is my second sale (first was a tote).   So – I just had to share the joy!  Here’s a photo of the one that sold – sorry shoppers.p1310003-copy.jpgp1310027-copy.jpgp1310029-copy.jpg  The February funk hopefully will be fading at our house soon – ugh this Minnesota weather.  It just never stops.  You’d think a gal would be used to it living here her whole life, but I almost think it gets harder as we get older.  Both kids just came down with nasty colds again.  We had a record of 2.5 weeks with no family illnesses.Happy crafting and happy blogging…. oh, and thank goodness it’s finally MARCH!!