I just had to share a picture of this sweet tote I whipped up the other night as a donation for my daughter’s school fundraiser.  Each class is putting together a basket of sorts with specific themes.  The theme for her class was “books” – anything to do with books that could fit into a basket.  The baskets will be won through a raffle.  I liked this book bag so much – i wanted to keep it for myself! I used a really dark blue denim and accented it with the starburst print.Why is it hard to keep things that I’ve made?donatedbookbag.jpg  Also, a friend and I went fabric shopping last night and here’s what I purchased.  I know it’s not very consistent, but I love anything crazy and wild and also love the pretty print on the far right.  You will probably see a few of these in my Etsy shop at some point soon! new_fabric.jpg and last, but not least – I couldn’t resist including this picture of my little guy – Milk Boy as we call him at our house.  I was able to snap about 10 pictures of him like this.  He had just woken from a great nap and milk is usually the first thing he asks for, besides me 🙂 .  The kid could live on milk if we let him, but we don’t.    It’s hard to resist those big-browns!


 Have an amazing weekend!