I just thought I’d shake things up a bit… or at least make them more consistent across the board.  Although, I loved my “sadie sews” header (Sadie being one of my many given nicknames) , I just thought changing it to Luna Feliz – the name of my Etsy business would seem less complicated.  This past weekend and beginning of this week has been good.   I think a few of us are still battling some annoying illnesses that want to linger, but all in all we are finally getting healthier.  The weather was AMAZING today in Minnesota!  Serious snow melting, warm sunshine – didn’t even need a coat.  Now for a Minnesotan it was practically a heatwave in the 40’s.  As far as sewing, I have wanted for a long time to make some clothes for my daughter.  I should have started years ago as she is already 6, but other things got in the way like not having a proper place to sew and leave all my junk out for the next day.  Just yesterday I made a pattern, cut out and sewed a sweet little wrap skirt for her.  She loved the skirt, but in her intense ways -was very flustered with the whole wrap tie-around thing.  She didn’t quite understand how it all went together and worked.  There was a bit of a tornado of emotions.  She doesn’t always like taking direction from me or my husband  so… After things calmed down a bit – she reassured me that she did indeed really love her new skirt and the sea of emotions were calmed.  sveaskirt.jpg  Also, we have been busy creating art for our front window.  It’s always fun to get the goods out and get creative with them.  We now have Peter Cottontail, an Easter basket with eggs and an enormous Easter Egg in our window.  I have a mental pros/cons list about Easter and it really has nothing to do with the religious factor.   Pro’s – we always have a great time visiting family and enjoying their company, usually an egg hunt is sure to be in the schedule.  Spring is on the way!!  Con’s – the Easter baskets – not to be negative, but the Easter bunny has got to cut down on his sugary gifts!  We usually can predict that the next day is going to be a rollercoaster ride (to put it nicely) as our children are coming down off their sugar high.   We have learned to 1. not let them eat it on an empty stomach and 2. ration it out into weeks, although we “help” with that too.  It would be a lot easier if we would be putting together the baskets ourselves, but usually it is done by loving grandparents who love to over-indulge their little grandkids. I understand.  I will probably be the same way when I am a grandparent someday.bjornwithglue.jpgdeepinthought2.jpg