I’m sorry, this blog has been sitting, waiting for me to refresh it with some new and exciting news, but none the less, I’ve got nothin’. I am in a slump, a funk, feeling a bit blah.  This past week has been one sleepless nights and too much TV as both my kids had the flu.  Mother nature has been cruel to us lately, dropping more snow after it had all melted away.  I’m tired.  Tired of the cold.  Tired of the snow.  Tired of the illnesses. Just plain tired.  I need spring to be here both mentally and physically… to start anew.  I need change.  
We were able to gather up enough strength on Friday to dye some eggs and decorate them.  The Easter bunny DID manage to make it to our house through all the snow and we also spent part of the day with my brother’s family.  It sure is much easier hunting for easter eggs in the white snow!!   I guess that’s a positive way to look at it.   It was also good just to get out of the house.   We all needed a change of scenery.
As far as my Etsy shop… I just finished a custom order and sold two other Chinese-take out boxes last week.  So, there were some definite bright spots to my week. 
Come and visit, Mr. Spring… Oh, and please stay awhile … and bring your cousin Mr. Summer too!?! 
Easter with cousins and new friends 
custom Chinese takeo-out