Happy Earth Day!!

It seems like we should be saying that everyday, right?!  My 6 year old asked me, “Mom, what’s Earth Day?” and I explained that it’s a day when we really think about our choices that we make about how to better take care of the earth.  Then I also said that it’s pretty silly to have an Earth Day because we should be thinking about our choices EVERY day – not just on a specific day.   So I guess it’s just best to lead by example.  This evening at my son’s ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) class I learned a quick and easy way to make a low-toxic cleaner (Borax is mildly toxic) for just about anything.  

Here is the recipe for Alice’s Wonder Spray:  

  • 1 tsp 20 Mule Team Borax
  • 2 Tbsp Vinegar
  • 1 squirt of liquid dish soap
  • optional – a few drops of essential oil if you like fragrance
  • Add all ingredients into a 16 oz. spray bottle and fill the rest up with warm water!  

Easy, and you can even get the kids to help you clean!!  Or I’ve also read that vinegar and water is a great cleaner – also, baking soda too – if you want to avoid the Borax.

On another note, I subscribe to Google alerts and get messages in my email in-box whenever anyone searches or types in the name of my Etsy shop Luna Feliz.   Well, most of the time it’s nothing too exciting, but today I was pleasantly surprised to be featured on the Minnesota Materials blog – one that I’ve never seen before.  They were touting the Earth Day gig and ideas to help create a better world.  If you check out #3 on this site “Ditch Plastic Bags” – You will see that they featured my company as one of the Minnesota companies for re-useable Grocery Totes!  I was pleased that recognition was given to Minnesota companies trying to make a difference.  Because “green” can be beautiful!