well, a whole lot of sewing for my Etsy shop, but more updates to come

I’m including some photo tid-bits from my sewing area, enjoy


Also, last night and this afternoon I’ve been working on treats for a meeting i have tonight….OOH – fudge! Also – Oatmeal Rasin bars.

This is from Rachel Ray’s 5 Minute Fudge recipe.  I added walnuts and marshmallows to mine.  I’m really not a candied fruit kinda gal.  

On a parenting note, here is a picture of my son.  I was asking him “So, what did you name your baby (doll)?”  And he excitedly replied “five… um …. HIGH FIVE” and then he repeatedly gave his doll high fives to the head.

Never a dull moment 🙂