So, I’ve finally signed myself up for that Pottery class that I mention in my “about” page.  I’m very excited, it’s starting this week.  2.5 hours set aside just for me to CREATE, wait… can someone pinch me?    Is this really true?  I’ve had a hard time finding any ‘me’ time lately to sew at home.   I don’t think my sewing machine saw daylight for most of the summer.  With one kid home on summer vacation and a preschooler that changes clothes about 5 times a day, they keep me way busy.

I am hoping to discount a few items in my Etsy shop soon to make room for some fun new updated prints! This week I’m working on paying quarterly taxes, finishing a custom order for a bride that would like to use one of my take out boxes as a flower girl basket, and maintaining a level of exercise that was also put on the back-burner for quite some time.  

I must go now, off to the sewing nook!