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Yesterday I kept my little gal home from school since she’s been battling a nasty cold and had a fever the night before.  But, since she wasn’t bedridden we decided to do a little fun project that I’ve been wanting to try since I read this book Lotta Prints by Lotta Anderson.  It’s a really inspiring book about surface printing techniques using just about anything!

So – we decided to make some potato prints yesterday and I think we’re going to use these for some of our holiday gift wrap.  People seem to appreciate the handmade more than storebought anyway, and it was a fun project to do while we were cooped up inside.



Also, i was able to bring home the last few pieces that I created in my pottery class.  The class is finished now until the winter session.  I’m pretty excited because my instructor asked if I would like to display my tray with the leaf on it in an art show starting Dec. 1st at the Hopkins Center for the Arts.



So, I know I’ve mentioned a pottery class that I was taking and I was able to bring home 5 finished pieces last night.  I wasn’t super thrilled about these pieces before they were glazed and fired, but I am really excited and happy about them!  Next week I bring home the rest of my pieces, at least 6 more that are being fired right now.  I still have a LOT to learn about hand-building and using the wheel, but it’s all a work in progress and I really enjoy it!



Can you tell my favorite color is blue?



Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming in my Etsy shop.  The inventory right now is a bit low because I had a decent summer/early fall in sales.  Somedays I wish I had more time to sew/work, but then I would be missing out on precious time with my kids.  The time will come…

p9090054  p90900571 


I just couldn’t resist adding a song for the day… Here is Foals with Balloons.  I really love this song… it reminds me of the alternative 80’s music I used to listen to back in the day.

Unfortunately the last few days I’ve been battling a cold.  I haven’t had any motivation to sew, therefor, no new inventory in the Luna Feliz shop.


BUT –  here’s a little more Kings of Leon – Use Somebody


And the Doves – Catch the Sun

and last, but definitely not least, Radiohead  – Jigsaw falling into place

Last night I had my second pottery class.  We learned to throw on the wheel.  Holy cow!  I have a new found respect for potters that use the wheel.  It’s really tough and something that our instructor says takes a ton of practice.  Just to get the clay “centered” is half the battle.  Mine turned out to look a bit like a chalice.  I think it was supposed to be more of a cylinder, … it was a design decision, yeah, that’s right…   We used to say that in college when designing patterns and clothing and something didn’t go quite as planned after it was sewn together… lots of “design decisions”.


A new song for the day Bob Dylan’s “Someday Baby”…enjoy

yeah, i’ve been bad about keeping up with this blog, taking a little hiatus from sewing/blogging and dealing with a few other things in life right now


BUT-  Yesterday, one of my new MN Etsy Street team friends included me in her Treasury West on Etsy!  It was so sweet of her – she said my polka dot Chinese Take-Out box inspired her!  Thanks, Chureen! 


on another note here’s a new song for today – I’m going to start including music selections in my blog because it’s always been the one thing that can really turn around a sour mood for me 🙂

This is the Doves and the song is “Snowden”


Happy Wednesday!




Just thought I’d include a little tune from my iPod.  This is a great song to run to!  It always makes me feel happy.  Does anyone remember “The Cult”?


I popped over to Yahoo today to quickly read the news and here is an article that was of great interest to me.  With all that is happening with high gas prices and the oil crisis in this country… 

I’ve been wondering and waiting when this was going to happen.  When large car companies finally decide that they will be losing money if they keep making SUV’s and other large trucks.  Maybe the American public has finally decided to make a shift to smaller vehicles to save money on gas and the demand for SUV’s & large trucks are dwindling.  

Although, I feel badly for the people that will be losing their jobs in the SUV/Large Truck plant, but I think this is something that has been a long time coming.



what am i grateful for?  

My family

long weekends away

peace and tranquility 

good health


I think these pictures pretty much sum it up.  Last weekend we spent it at my in-law’s lake home just chillin’.   My kids were amazing.  My daughter sat for 3 hours – just her and Nana – fishing on Sunday morning.  I didn’t realize she had that kind of patience in her, but the girl just loves to fish.

Someday I hope we have the great luxury of living near water.





I love this shot, you can barely see my husband carefully inspecting the hook

and my little guy drooling at the thought of actually getting to use a real fishing pole.



Controlled chaos

4 little ones fishing with hooks all on the same dock?

Yes, we’re nutty

well, a whole lot of sewing for my Etsy shop, but more updates to come

I’m including some photo tid-bits from my sewing area, enjoy


Also, last night and this afternoon I’ve been working on treats for a meeting i have tonight….OOH – fudge! Also – Oatmeal Rasin bars.

This is from Rachel Ray’s 5 Minute Fudge recipe.  I added walnuts and marshmallows to mine.  I’m really not a candied fruit kinda gal.  

On a parenting note, here is a picture of my son.  I was asking him “So, what did you name your baby (doll)?”  And he excitedly replied “five… um …. HIGH FIVE” and then he repeatedly gave his doll high fives to the head.

Never a dull moment 🙂


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