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Yesterday I kept my little gal home from school since she’s been battling a nasty cold and had a fever the night before.  But, since she wasn’t bedridden we decided to do a little fun project that I’ve been wanting to try since I read this book Lotta Prints by Lotta Anderson.  It’s a really inspiring book about surface printing techniques using just about anything!

So – we decided to make some potato prints yesterday and I think we’re going to use these for some of our holiday gift wrap.  People seem to appreciate the handmade more than storebought anyway, and it was a fun project to do while we were cooped up inside.



Also, i was able to bring home the last few pieces that I created in my pottery class.  The class is finished now until the winter session.  I’m pretty excited because my instructor asked if I would like to display my tray with the leaf on it in an art show starting Dec. 1st at the Hopkins Center for the Arts.



Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming in my Etsy shop.  The inventory right now is a bit low because I had a decent summer/early fall in sales.  Somedays I wish I had more time to sew/work, but then I would be missing out on precious time with my kids.  The time will come…

p9090054  p90900571 


I just couldn’t resist adding a song for the day… Here is Foals with Balloons.  I really love this song… it reminds me of the alternative 80’s music I used to listen to back in the day.

Not a whole lot of sewing going on here as my kids like to stay up later now that it’s summer!  It’s hard to get motivated to go downstairs in the darkly paneled basement to sew when we have beautiful weather.  Also, sales in the Etsy shop have been slow this month.  Who wants to sit at a computer in the summer to shop anyway????   It’s understandable.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!  We spent our long weekend in Wisconsin fishing, napping and hanging out with family.  It was great.  My husband and I actually got to go out on a mini-date after we put the kids to bed on the 4th – we needed it.  It’s been too long.  We came home to MN with one sick kid.  She always seems to get sick on our last day visiting family.  Her body just gets worn out from her regular schedule of sleep and healthier eating.  She gets so excited and happily worked up about seeing her Nana & Papa and cousins that it takes everything out of her and by the time we’re ready to say goodbye she usually has a fever and she’s spent!  Thankfully our little guy didn’t catch it. 🙂

Despite my lack of craftiness lately – I have managed to get a few more items done for my Etsy shop.

Here is the newest item:

I also have a new Tote, but I was not happy with how the photos turned out – please standby, more to come soon!


My son has given up his afternoon nap, so I am desperately trying to keep him busy in the afternoons because nowadays he will fall asleep by 4pm and then he won’t go to bed until 10pm!  My afternoon crafting time is mostly diminishing because of this reason.  It’s a hard transition when kids give up their naps.  I think it’s hardest on the moms!

This morning we headed over to the Mpls farmer’s market

and had fun perusing the produce, flowers, and local treats.




On our way out we had a flyer on the windshield of our (semi-compact) car.
 I am in agreement that there has to be something done about the oil crisis in our country.  

When are Americans going to wise up about the amount of gas we use?  

Why are we so dependent on our cars?  

When is the presidential administration going to do something about it, well probably not until a new president is elected, at least I can only hope.

Check out this new documentary film’s trailer : “Gashole”     

You will be intrigued if you care at all about the current oil crisis in our country.

what am i grateful for?  

My family

long weekends away

peace and tranquility 

good health


I think these pictures pretty much sum it up.  Last weekend we spent it at my in-law’s lake home just chillin’.   My kids were amazing.  My daughter sat for 3 hours – just her and Nana – fishing on Sunday morning.  I didn’t realize she had that kind of patience in her, but the girl just loves to fish.

Someday I hope we have the great luxury of living near water.





I love this shot, you can barely see my husband carefully inspecting the hook

and my little guy drooling at the thought of actually getting to use a real fishing pole.



Controlled chaos

4 little ones fishing with hooks all on the same dock?

Yes, we’re nutty

things here are a little outta whack

son won’t nap on time anymore, goes to bed late

both kids sick

not a whole lot of sewing going on because of the above.

I’m working on losing weight, being a good wife, good mother, good to myself.

it’s been a good, but exhausting week.  


My Son’s newest favorite song:

There was a man named Michael Finnegan

He grew whiskers on his chin-again

He shaved them off but they grew in-again

poor old Michael Finnegan

(he followed me around afterwards asking if he had whiskers on his chin)  

2.5 year olds are so darn cute sometimes.




If you are in the Mpls/St Paul area this weekend – plan on checking out the Living Green Expo at the MN State Fairgrounds on Sat & Sun from 10-5pm.  There’s all kinds of fun stuff to look at from cars, building supplies & food,  to cosmetics and toys.  There are usually some fun activities for kids too!  Enjoy.

Yep, that’s us.  The kids wanted to get out today and so we biked to a nearby park.  Bjorn in the WIKE, and Svea riding alongside us.  It is currently 34 degrees.  Guess you could say we are a hearty bunch, or maybe just crazy.  Not as crazy as my husband who bikes to work most of the winter (btw, wait for the commercial to load & finish).  Well, on the way back it started snowing and we came home for hot chocolate.  Only in the midwest do you have to bike wearing mittens at the end of April.  Mother nature can be cruel somedays, but we’d go bonkers if we had to stay inside all day.  So, buck-up!

I was proud of my 6 year old – picking up garbage to be recycled along the way.  No prompting, I swear!  It pays to lead by example.  I guess we’re doing something right in this whole parenting biz.


On the Etsy home front:

I started cutting and sewing more Re-useable Grocery Totes for my Etsy shop.  More to come soon!  Check back for updates.

We’re trying hard everyday to figure out ways to make our lifestyle more “green”.  I’ve finally decided to cut up those old tablecloths and make cloth napkins out of them!  I’m excited, good thing I like to sew!  I’m still hoping the amount of machine washing from these new cloth napkins (as we now use a lot of paper ones) will make a smaller environmental footprint than all of the paper products we go through daily.  

 Also, trying to say Bub-Bye to the plastic in our household.  It’s amazing all the stuff in our kitchen that is plastic especially when you have kids.  Plates, bowls, cups, straws, spoons, knives, forks, etc… the list goes on and on.  You don’t realize it until you start hunting for it.  I’m wavering about donating it because I feel like I may be passing on the possibility of carcinogens to other children.  We have a start, but haven’t cleared everything out yet.  I think the toughest will be prying those damn sippy cups out of my little guy’s hands. 🙂  Wish me luck!






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