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I am completely flattered and gracious to be featured on the “Vintage Indie” blog in an article about reusable holiday gift wrap!  Check it out right here!


I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!


We’re trying hard everyday to figure out ways to make our lifestyle more “green”.  I’ve finally decided to cut up those old tablecloths and make cloth napkins out of them!  I’m excited, good thing I like to sew!  I’m still hoping the amount of machine washing from these new cloth napkins (as we now use a lot of paper ones) will make a smaller environmental footprint than all of the paper products we go through daily.  

 Also, trying to say Bub-Bye to the plastic in our household.  It’s amazing all the stuff in our kitchen that is plastic especially when you have kids.  Plates, bowls, cups, straws, spoons, knives, forks, etc… the list goes on and on.  You don’t realize it until you start hunting for it.  I’m wavering about donating it because I feel like I may be passing on the possibility of carcinogens to other children.  We have a start, but haven’t cleared everything out yet.  I think the toughest will be prying those damn sippy cups out of my little guy’s hands. 🙂  Wish me luck!






So… I’m just no good at this blogging thing, although I keep trying  & hoping to get better at it.  There are so many amazing crafty blogs out there and I feel as though my life just isn’t really all that exciting sometimes.  I have been job searching pondering the idea of getting a little part time job.  I don’t have my heart set on it, but it would be nice to pad the budget a bit.  I have a few interviews and opportunities coming up in the next few days.  We’ll see what’s in store for me!

But anyway – I have a new bag listed in my Etsy shop.  I created it mostly out of a vintage bed sheet.  What a better way to create something than to up-cycle it!  I love being able to re-use things to create new beautiful and useful – and fun things!   These totes are great for groceries, library trips, the beach and just about anything and they are completely machine washable too!

My little guy has been begging for a “race-caw back pack”, so that is going to be my next project.  I am on the lookout for some cute race car pictures that I could possibly use for an applique – red of course, and the back pack will probably be a dark denim since I already have it in my stash. 

Otherwise, things here in my neck of the woods are still snowy and we are trudging along… waiting… waiting for warmer weather.  We have hope.  



It’s definitely feeling like winter outside – Yikes! I just wish there was snow to go along with it or just snow and no cold.

I’ve been working hard at making Christmas gifts this year for the kiddos grandparents. So, I am pretty tired during the day. Sleep is overrated anyway, right? Things that have helped….I’ve managed to fit in some exersize and also have been trying to eat right. I’m a little freaked out with the upcoming holidays and all the FOOD.

Anyway just wanted to share my latest purchases – some vintage tablecloths! I don’t think i will use them as such. How about that dark teal one with the embroidery – so sweet. I’m hoping to come up with some fun ideas for these… skirt? tote? purse for my daughter?

well, not the actual stores themselves, but all the great treasures you can find!

Today I found a vintage 100% black cotton kimono and some cute floral fabric – white and fuschia!
I am working on making most of my Christmas projects – and have been looking for fabrics and clothing to use to recyle into new fabulous things!

I am thinking of making either a cute little kimono style dress for my daughter and/or some fun reusable grocery bags… any thoughts?

I forgot to rotate the geisha picture before i posted – and i cannot figure out how to delete it and put the correct photo in….

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