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So – click on the link below to see the local news story my friend at WCCO wrote after I suggested she do a little write-up on Etsy and  the local MN Etsy street team!

Can you believe that sales on Etsy have tripled in the last year?!  exciting!

Etsy in the Minneapolis news


yeah, i’ve been bad about keeping up with this blog, taking a little hiatus from sewing/blogging and dealing with a few other things in life right now


BUT-  Yesterday, one of my new MN Etsy Street team friends included me in her Treasury West on Etsy!  It was so sweet of her – she said my polka dot Chinese Take-Out box inspired her!  Thanks, Chureen! 


on another note here’s a new song for today – I’m going to start including music selections in my blog because it’s always been the one thing that can really turn around a sour mood for me 🙂

This is the Doves and the song is “Snowden”


Happy Wednesday!




One of my MN Etsy street team buddies, Jane from Glorious Hats , wrote a nice little blog post in our MN Etsy Street Team blog on my Reuseable Grocery Totes. Also, there’s a nice little write-up on MN Etsy’s Allison from ARTitecture .   Her MN inspired handtowels & matching totes are “green” and so very cute!  Check it out!


OOH, and if you’re in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area – go check out Craftstravaganza at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds today, Saturday from 9am-6pm!


I can’t believe it’s snowing here as I write this…. ugh… sigh.


Have a great weekend.  



I finally had a chance to paint this sketch that I had worked on about 3 weeks ago.  I think the little white spots are reflections from a few still wet spots.  I worked on this today while my 6 year old was at kinder and my little guy was napping – ahhhh…. peace & quiet.  I could paint all day if you let me 🙂  It may need some more work, but I need to get to the art store to get more gouache.  My kids love it too.

Oh yeah, I also downloaded this Kate Nash album from iTunes.  I’m giddy.

It is a gorgeous day outside today – about 70 degrees here and I’m going to enjoy it!


I wanted to start a blog of my creative adventures… and that is what they truly are. Headaches and heartaches over crafty projects? Yes, but my new mantra “process not product” seems to keep my chin up! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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