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So – click on the link below to see the local news story my friend at WCCO wrote after I suggested she do a little write-up on Etsy and  the local MN Etsy street team!

Can you believe that sales on Etsy have tripled in the last year?!  exciting!

Etsy in the Minneapolis news


I popped over to Yahoo today to quickly read the news and here is an article that was of great interest to me.  With all that is happening with high gas prices and the oil crisis in this country… 

I’ve been wondering and waiting when this was going to happen.  When large car companies finally decide that they will be losing money if they keep making SUV’s and other large trucks.  Maybe the American public has finally decided to make a shift to smaller vehicles to save money on gas and the demand for SUV’s & large trucks are dwindling.  

Although, I feel badly for the people that will be losing their jobs in the SUV/Large Truck plant, but I think this is something that has been a long time coming.



This morning we headed over to the Mpls farmer’s market

and had fun perusing the produce, flowers, and local treats.




On our way out we had a flyer on the windshield of our (semi-compact) car.
 I am in agreement that there has to be something done about the oil crisis in our country.  

When are Americans going to wise up about the amount of gas we use?  

Why are we so dependent on our cars?  

When is the presidential administration going to do something about it, well probably not until a new president is elected, at least I can only hope.

Check out this new documentary film’s trailer : “Gashole”     

You will be intrigued if you care at all about the current oil crisis in our country.

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