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I just had a convo message in my Etsy shop email that I’ve been featured again on another blog.  It’s very flattering when this happens out of the blue.  It was a feature of Valentine Finds on Etsy.  Take a look here at the Bags and Buds blog – thanks Wendy!!



I am completely flattered and gracious to be featured on the “Vintage Indie” blog in an article about reusable holiday gift wrap!  Check it out right here!


I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

check out the new Chinese take out prints in my Etsy shop

brownfloral1        cupcake1


pinkgreenfloral2         turqred2

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming in my Etsy shop.  The inventory right now is a bit low because I had a decent summer/early fall in sales.  Somedays I wish I had more time to sew/work, but then I would be missing out on precious time with my kids.  The time will come…

p9090054  p90900571 


I just couldn’t resist adding a song for the day… Here is Foals with Balloons.  I really love this song… it reminds me of the alternative 80’s music I used to listen to back in the day.

Well folks, my Chinese Take-Outs are officially in a store!  You can see them if you visit this adorable and fun gift shop in downtown Minneapolis – CorAzoN.  The owner has a little area dedicated to local MN craftspeople and artisans.

As far as news on the Etsy front… I need to get in gear and get some more inventory going for that little online shop too.  I have some fun new fabrics that I’m hoping to work with real soon!


yeah, i’ve been bad about keeping up with this blog, taking a little hiatus from sewing/blogging and dealing with a few other things in life right now


BUT-  Yesterday, one of my new MN Etsy Street team friends included me in her Treasury West on Etsy!  It was so sweet of her – she said my polka dot Chinese Take-Out box inspired her!  Thanks, Chureen! 


on another note here’s a new song for today – I’m going to start including music selections in my blog because it’s always been the one thing that can really turn around a sour mood for me 🙂

This is the Doves and the song is “Snowden”


Happy Wednesday!




I’m pumped to be a new member of Indie Public – a site for artists and designers for networking, advice and new creative friends­/LunaFeliz


I’ve finally had a chance to “focus” (no pun intended) on working on better photos for my Etsy shop.  I’m hoping this will help make it look more professional. My first round of photos were pretty bad.  I have a point and shoot – no money in the budget for a better camera, so I’m making due with what i have.  Now that the weather is nicer here in MN I was able to take some decent shots outdside yesterday.  I’m amazed at the difference with all the natural light vs. artificial indoor lights during the winter months – blah.  I would love any tips that anyone would be willing to offer on photography with a silly little point and shoot camera 🙂

Also, i would love ANY feedback on my photos – seriously.

Check out the before & after:

Before After

Before After


that’s right

Go check them out in my Etsy shop

Today I was excited about having a little feature on my creative space in our MN Etsy Street team blog.  Although, my creative space is quite scary, but clean… I really hope I don’t scare away any potential customers after they see the pictures.  Check out the feature right HERE.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend!  I cannot believe it’s almost mid-April.  

I keep singing “Here comes the sun, do do do do, Here comes the sun, I say, it’s alright”  hoping that the sun will appear more in our MN skies to warm our hearts a bit more.  Honestly, how much winter can a person take?

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