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Yesterday I kept my little gal home from school since she’s been battling a nasty cold and had a fever the night before.  But, since she wasn’t bedridden we decided to do a little fun project that I’ve been wanting to try since I read this book Lotta Prints by Lotta Anderson.  It’s a really inspiring book about surface printing techniques using just about anything!

So – we decided to make some potato prints yesterday and I think we’re going to use these for some of our holiday gift wrap.  People seem to appreciate the handmade more than storebought anyway, and it was a fun project to do while we were cooped up inside.



Also, i was able to bring home the last few pieces that I created in my pottery class.  The class is finished now until the winter session.  I’m pretty excited because my instructor asked if I would like to display my tray with the leaf on it in an art show starting Dec. 1st at the Hopkins Center for the Arts.



So, I know I’ve mentioned a pottery class that I was taking and I was able to bring home 5 finished pieces last night.  I wasn’t super thrilled about these pieces before they were glazed and fired, but I am really excited and happy about them!  Next week I bring home the rest of my pieces, at least 6 more that are being fired right now.  I still have a LOT to learn about hand-building and using the wheel, but it’s all a work in progress and I really enjoy it!



Can you tell my favorite color is blue?



Last night I had my second pottery class.  We learned to throw on the wheel.  Holy cow!  I have a new found respect for potters that use the wheel.  It’s really tough and something that our instructor says takes a ton of practice.  Just to get the clay “centered” is half the battle.  Mine turned out to look a bit like a chalice.  I think it was supposed to be more of a cylinder, … it was a design decision, yeah, that’s right…   We used to say that in college when designing patterns and clothing and something didn’t go quite as planned after it was sewn together… lots of “design decisions”.


A new song for the day Bob Dylan’s “Someday Baby”…enjoy

I just recently returned to wordpress after a stint at another blog site.  Just didn’t feel like paying a silly monthly fee, sounds cheap, but in the scheme of things it’s just the principle of it all.  At least at this point, maybe in the future if I am able to actually sell something that I’ve made… hmmm… we’ll rethink that idea.   There are so many things I’d like to do in my life… really become a runner, learn pottery, sing more, the list goes on and I find that time is so short and when I can get any crafting in, it’s in short bursts.  At least I have the short bursts for now.  The rest is spent taking care of my family and myself.  I know there will come a day when both kids are in school and I will have much more free time, but I will miss them dearly during the day.  The thought of quiet stillness… it’s bittersweet. On a crafty note, I’ve discovered Sizzix Paddle Punches and I have a package coming in the mail!  I’m very excited, giddy to be exact with the thought of all the fun and silly stuff I can create with these little tools.   I think my kids will enjoy them too.  What else is there to do when the weather outside is negative 4 degrees!!    Stay warm. 

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