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Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming in my Etsy shop.  The inventory right now is a bit low because I had a decent summer/early fall in sales.  Somedays I wish I had more time to sew/work, but then I would be missing out on precious time with my kids.  The time will come…

p9090054  p90900571 


I just couldn’t resist adding a song for the day… Here is Foals with Balloons.  I really love this song… it reminds me of the alternative 80’s music I used to listen to back in the day.


Milton and Margie’s Soy Wax candles just featured my Chinese Take-Out boxes on their blog!  I just met Jess, the creator behind the candles, and they are wonderful.  The scents are amazing AND she’s a Minnesota artist too! 

Well, the Blick Art Supplies gig went fine.  Very slow day for customers and we weren’t allowed to sell anything in the store anyway.  It was a great way to introduce the Etsy site to their customers and show them the types of items that can be found there from some local MN artists.  It was nice (for me) to get to know some of the other members on the MN Etsy street team!

I am working on a few more items for my Etsy shop.    I have only a few hours (on a good day) to sew.  My kids keep me hoppin!  Check back in a few days.

I mailed my first package to Hong Kong yesterday- pretty excited about that!  It was an adorable little “Memoirs of China” print in a sweet little Chinese Take-out box.  Here’s a photo:


I have also been baking – too much, and feeling the effects when I put on my jeans in the morning – gotta stop baking.  It’s almost swimsuit season here in MN, yikes!!



I’ve finally had a chance to “focus” (no pun intended) on working on better photos for my Etsy shop.  I’m hoping this will help make it look more professional. My first round of photos were pretty bad.  I have a point and shoot – no money in the budget for a better camera, so I’m making due with what i have.  Now that the weather is nicer here in MN I was able to take some decent shots outdside yesterday.  I’m amazed at the difference with all the natural light vs. artificial indoor lights during the winter months – blah.  I would love any tips that anyone would be willing to offer on photography with a silly little point and shoot camera 🙂

Also, i would love ANY feedback on my photos – seriously.

Check out the before & after:

Before After

Before After


I am in a little quandry about what to do next to grow my Etsy business beyond Etsy – or more importantly, how much can I realistically do.  I’ve always been one that wants to jump ahead and do it all NOW, NOW, NOW!!  So I’m taking a deep breath and really trying to step back and be cautious.  I met with two friends yesterday, both women have their own businesses, one is working on the craftier side.  We brainstormed and came up with some really fantastic ideas of boutiques to approach with my products, craft fairs, even a few retail venues that might appreciate or have a space for some of my wares.   Also, we talked about better ways to market items and merchandise them with fixtures, etc…  And as we were talking I was having the realization that I gotta get my rear in gear! !  Holy crap.    So I came home all excited and anxious to start moving forward with these new ideas and it hit me plain straight in the head… I still have young children at home (one in diapers) and one in half-day kinder.  I seriously don’t have the time to ramp up my inventory – I maybe get 2-3 hours max. (on a good day) to actually create my sewn goods.   I need to find a better balance and not let the business get out of control.So finally just letting a lot of that excited and anxiety provoking stress roll off my back was a good thing.    There are so many things to think about with a new small business – it’s very overwhelming BUT exciting.
Mama … I’m … drowning…
  okay… breathe….  
 But… I’m happy.  🙂 

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